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The SECRET Model Y Feature That No Other Tesla Has!

  One of the biggest problems with Tesla vehicles up to this point may have just been fixed with this new feature on the Model Y that Tesla decided to hide from us until now. Let’s talk about it. Tupac once said “California knows how to party” but what about the rest of the country? See, Tesla vehicles are made in California, and many people have claimed that Teslas are designed with the typical California climate in mind, where it’s pretty much warm year-round. So when someone like me who lives in the Midwest where it gets below freezing in the winter, driving a Tesla can be somewhat scary because of “range anxiety” which means you’re worried about running out of battery before reaching your destination.  In cold winter conditions, an electric vehicle can lose up to 40% or more of its estimated range. In February I was on a road trip in my Model3 and lost 50% of my estimated range while driving highway speeds when it was around30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I pulled in my driveway wit

How Tesla's New Battery Will Destroy Gas Cars

  Tesla just had their battery day event where they announced some exciting battery technology breakthroughs that will change the future of electric cars. In this, the video we'll go over the most important parts of Battery Day so you can know what to expect from Tesla’s upcoming vehicles. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy which is obviously a huge task that requires a lot of batteries.  Like a lot of batteries. So Tesla has two goals that their new battery technology hopes to solve: massively scaling battery production and producing more affordable battery cells. Currently, electric vehicles are still relatively expensive compared to gasoline vehicles mainly due to the high battery cost. Up to this point, Tesla has focused on vertical integration to minimize production costs meaning they aim to build their factories and vehicles themselves from the ground up. And now they’re doing this with batteries with a 5-step plan to cut the cost of batter

Microsoft's first Android phone is $1400

This's tech newsmen! Microsoft has let loose the price, release date and some additional details for their dual-screened Android phone, The Surface Duo. Unleash the Duo. It will ship September 10th but is available for pre-order now for 1399. If that seems a bit high, well, it's the same price as the Galaxy S20 Ultra . But Samsung has been making phones for ages and this is Microsoft'sfirst Android device. Which may explain some of the more worrying specs.  It's running the last-gen Snapdragon 855 as a 3577 milliamp-hour battery which might be a bit small to keep two screens running all day. Has some giant bezels right out of 2015 and when folded, it's 93 millimetres wide, a size that will fit perfectly into cargo pants. It also doesn't have NFC or a headphone jack but this does leave some room for Microsoft to vastly improve things with the surface trio. I'm sorry, I had to do it. Three screens, it'll fit in your pocket even less, but oh man, so premiu

5 Concerns When Politicians Say, Law And Order!

We've seen this before, but, perhaps, not at the scale/ level, we are presently witnessing! In the past half-century, this is, at least, the third - time, it's been a politician's weapon! Who can forget, Richard Nixon, using this rhetoric, in 1968, or Ronald Reagan, in his 1980's campaign, and, perhaps, because, it seemed to be effective, then, Donald Trump's campaign, has taken this, to new heights! Perhaps, a key difference, is, while Nixon and Reagan, used the words, Law and Order, repeatedly, when they were, first, running for office, and not when they were trying to be reelected, the current occupant of the White House seems to be heavy, relying, on, appealing to Americans fears, anxieties, biases, etc, blaming and complaining, about his opponents, even though he has been, the President, for these past four years! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 concerns, we should have, about this approach, and