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5 Concerns When Politicians Say, Law And Order!

We've seen this before, but, perhaps, not at the scale/ level, we are presently witnessing! In the past half-century, this is, at least, the third - time, it's been a politician's weapon! Who can forget, Richard Nixon, using this rhetoric, in 1968, or Ronald Reagan, in his 1980's campaign, and, perhaps, because, it seemed to be effective, then, Donald Trump's campaign, has taken this, to new heights! Perhaps, a key difference, is, while Nixon and Reagan, used the words, Law and Order, repeatedly, when they were, first, running for office, and not when they were trying to be reelected, the current occupant of the White House seems to be heavy, relying, on, appealing to Americans fears, anxieties, biases, etc, blaming and complaining, about his opponents, even though he has been, the President, for these past four years! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 concerns, we should have, about this approach, and appeal.

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5 Concerns When Politicians Say, Law And Order!

1. Black Lives Matter/ systemic racism: Because of the recent exposure of what appears to be, misbehaviour, by a small number of police officers, primarily, targeting, men of colour, we should not have been surprised, the Black Lives Matter, movement, and the associated, protests, came, to the forefront! Because, there have been numerous incidents, of this behaviour, and apparent evidence of systemic racism, in many areas of American life! Instead of trying to appeal, to bringing - about, a meeting - of - the - minds, for the greater good, President Trump has done, nearly, the opposite! Instead of showing, and demonstrating, any needed degree, of genuine empathy, he seems to be using, the unassociated, criminal activities, of looting, arson, etc, by a few, who, may, or may not, have also, been protestors, he appears, to be inciting his core supporters, by appealing to their fears, and anxieties!

2. Most police are good, but there are some, bad - apples: Although, the vast majority, of police, are good, dedicated, hard-working individuals, unfortunately, there are a few, bad - apples! Trump's rhetoric has tended to defend all police, and accuse, all protestors, against police, which is divisive, and dangerous, to a harmonious, safer society!

3. Political rhetoric/ messaging: When a politician uses rhetoric, which seems to be negative messaging, and divisive, the so-called, appeal, too, Law and Order, is anything but!

4. Department of Justice/ AG Barr's behaviour/ No one above the law: Historically, the Attorney General, behaves, like, the people's attorney, but, Mr Barr's behaviour, seems, as if, he focuses on defending this President, and his personal interests! What happened to the concept, that, no one is above the law? If our Justice Department, fails to enforce, all laws, but, proceeds, with a selective emphasis, which appears, to coincide, with the President's personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self - interest, it is a dangerous precedent, to the guarantees of our Constitution!

5. All Constitutional guarantees, not selective!: Women's, civil, and human rights, appear, at risk! In the name of, Law and Order, we are witnessing, an emphasis on selective guarantees, etc, instead of, all of them!

Wake up, America, because, we are witnessing, a clear and present danger, to our way, of life! Demand changes, and, a more inclusive approach, before it's too late!

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