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Microsoft's first Android phone is $1400

This's tech newsmen! Microsoft has let loose the price, release date and some additional details for their dual-screened Android phone, The Surface Duo. Unleash the Duo. It will ship September 10th but is available for pre-order now for 1399. If that seems a bit high, well, it's the same price as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. But Samsung has been making phones for ages and this is Microsoft'sfirst Android device. Which may explain some of the more worrying specs. 

It's running the last-gen Snapdragon 855 as a 3577 milliamp-hour battery which might be a bit small to keep two screens running all day. Has some giant bezels right out of 2015 and when folded, it's 93 millimetres wide, a size that will fit perfectly into cargo pants. It also doesn't have NFC or a headphone jack but this does leave some room for Microsoft to vastly improve things with the surface trio. I'm sorry, I had to do it. Three screens, it'll fit in your pocket even less, but oh man, so premium.

 Microsoft has also officially revealed that the Xbox series X will launch in November, but when it does, it will do so without Halo Infinite. 343 Industries announced the game has been delayed to 2021 to give the dev team time to deliver the most ambitious Halo game ever. I guess it's not the kind of Infinite that extends forever in both directions. It's just gone and then for Just like DukeNukem Forever all over again. I'm all for delaying games rather than rushing them up. But that leaves the Series X launch lineup looking a little limited. 

Microsoft seems to know this as they've released Project xCloud to Game PassUltimate subscribers early, perhaps to distract you from the Halo delay. And don't worry, as an Xbox blog post says, "The console will launch with thousands of games spanning four generations." - How about a new one? - They've probably played before. I mean, backwards compatibility on the Series X, is awesome. But I don't feel like there are many really exciting Xbox games this generation. Unless you're stoked for The Medium. I mean, it looks fine, but it's no Bugsnax. And Russia is the first country to finish a COVID-19 vaccine. If your standard for finishing doesn't involve clinical trials usually seen as critical to proving that it's safe and effective so. 

If you die Russia, then where are you anyway? Russian Prime Minister or president now, he switches back and forth. Vladimir Putin claims that one of his daughters has already received the vaccine, which has been tested with small groups of people but has not gone through the standard third phase, which would indicate that it's safe for the general population.  She grew another bicep. It also contains steroids. It was on purpose. Russia will now begin vaccinating medical workers who volunteer for the treatment volunteer, while that third phase is underway. The announcement comes after multiple countries accused Russia of cyberattacks attempting to steal COVID vaccine research. 

If you're concerned about this, Russia's health minister Mikhail Murashko wants you to know that criticism of the country's vaccine rollout is absolutely groundless.  It'sno big deal, don't worry. Baseless. Stick the needle in, make you strong like Babushka Stroganoff. There can only be one Rileyexcept when there's two. Now it's time for quick bits brought to you by War Thunder, the free to play online military vehicle combat game. War Thunder is on Windows, Mac, Linux, ps4 and Xbox One with cross-play and more than20 million players blowing each other up worldwide. Pilot an incredible arsenal of more than 1500 historically accurate tanks, aircraft and ships in massive combined arms battles on over 80 major battlefields from World WarTwo to the end of the Cold War. 

You can also expect major free updates every couple of months adding more vehicles, maps and gameplay features. Click the link below and start playing War Thunder for free, and you'll also get some bonus items for signing up. I'll see you on the Battlefield. Quick bits, nooooo. You hate to see it, nonprofit good guy of the internet, Mozilla is laying off 250 people or a quarter of their workforce and closing their Taiwaneseoffices in order to refocus on products that can gain revenue. So if you want Firefox to survive, go subscribe to one of their other services. Delete Chrome on your parent's computer and transfer everything over without telling them. They probably won't even notice. 

Tik-Tok has been trying to prove to the US government that it's not a Chinese spy. So a new report showing the app tracked Android users MAC addresses which can be used for identification, a practice which was banned by Google policies, doesn't look good. They actually stopped this tracking last November as scrutiny of the company ramped up. We are sorry we got caught. Sorry guys, Microsoftyou better get this guy and get your guy out of here. Just get him out. 

Google has announced that Android users in California can opt their phone into an earthquake detection system, which uses the built-in accelerometer in your phone to sense earthquakes early. If this initial rollout goes well, the system could expand worldwide. And while this is definitely cool, it's kind of giving me the dark night vibes, like what if our phones end up being used to spy on us. Sorry, it's already happening. It's happening right now. 

Xiaomi has revealed the world's first transparent TV, which is a thing that someone might want, for some reason. Like if you wanted to see your tacky wallpaper instead of just black. 

Xiaomi also announced the Mi 10 Ultra has 120 times zoom though, so that's definitely useful. You can use the zoom to zoom into someone's brain and try and see why you would want a transparent TV. It doesn't make sense. Internet service provider, Charter, hasn't been allowed to impose data caps as a condition of its acquisition of Time Warner Cable in 2016. But now they're trying to convince the FCC to let them impose data caps. Because customers want it. 

You see some of the company's plans that happened to have data caps were popular. So that means people want them back obviously, kind of makes me wanna chatter a flight down there so I can give Charter a smack upside the head. Like what's the matter with you? Knock that cap right off. Charter, data cap. The hat. Got them. It would be stupid to continue this episode. So now it's over. Come back on Friday for more tech news. I feel like that video will be an even better video than this one.