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How to find a good domain name for your website?

Hi Guys, Today I am going to tell you how you can find a good domain name for your website   so now when you want to start a website you might have noticed that, it’s quite difficult to find a good domain name, which is available. So in this blog post we are going to see, how we can find a perfect domain name in just a few minutes so After reading this blogspot, you will be able to find a name which is both easy to Remember and also matches your brand.  So let’s get started To find a good domain name, We’re going to do 2 steps The first step, is to choose a keyword, which matches your website.  So for example, lets say  your website is related to photography, You can choose that as your keyword, So as I want to create a website related to technology, I have selected my keyword as ‘techy’ Once you have selected your keyword... Just go to your browser And then type  Now enter the keyword which you have selected in this box so I am going to enter ‘techy’ which is my

How to Install WordPress on Cloudways

Hey, guys today we are going to see  How we can set up a WordPress site on Cloudways hosting . What is Cloudways? Cloudways  is a hosting platform which lets you run WordPress sites at very high speeds so the websites that you host on cloudways will be much faster than traditional hosting companies so this is because in traditional hosting companies they use a method called shared hosting which means your website server resources are shared with several other users but in cloudways, your service resources are allocated just for your website and because of this when someone visits your website it responds much faster and displays your website quickly to your visitors.  so this means all your pages on your site will load quickly for your visitors, so this is one of the main advantages of cloudways and in addition to this, you can also host an unlimited number of websites on cloudways.  so now let you know what is  cloudways   and how it is useful.  next, let's see  How you can set